Port St. Lucie Officer Nelson Ochoa Arrested for Domestic Battery

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Port St. Lucie Police officer Nelson Ochoa was arrested after a fight with his wife that took place Saturday night. According to media reports, Ochoa was arguing with his wife when she closed the bathroom door and he responded by breaking down the door, throwing her phone on the ground, stomping on her foot, and chest bumping her when she tried to leave. Now he is on leave without pay.

According to public records, Nelson Emmanuel Ochoa is a 30 year old resident of Port St. Lucie who made over $69,000 working as a police officer in that city in 2019 (https://govsalaries.com/ochoa-nelson-e-100895530). His only priors are two traffic citations. According to the media, he has been working with the Port. St. Lucie Police Department since 2018. He was a member of the SWAT team and an army veteran.

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