Forest Grove Officer Bradley Schuetz Covered Up Assault on BLM Flag

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Forest Grove Police officer Bradley Schuetz was charged last week with one count of official misconduct for how he responded to fellow officer Steven Teets' attack on a home for displaying a Black Lives Matter flag. Officer Teets attacked a residence in a drunken stupor on Halloween last year, banged on a BLM flag, yelled at the residents to "come on" and fight, trashed their Halloween decorations, and charged towards the front door when someone opened it (see Officer Schuetz arrived on the scene and gave Teets a ride home.

We have not seen the indictment, but based on media report we believe that Schuetz violated his duty to the public by giving Teets preferential treatment. Anyone else would have been arrested, but because Teets was a fellow officer he was simply driven home. Schuetz also failed to activate his body camera in violation of department policy. Obviously, Schuetz wanted to avoid getting his fellow officer on camera in the state he was in.

According to public records, Bradley Douglas Schuetz is a 30 year old resident of Forest Grove, Oregon. His DPSST number is 54684. He has been a Forest Grove Police officer since 2015. His voter registration lists him as non-partisan.

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