Miami Police Officer Ashley Hunter: Drunk Driving Accident Bust

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Miami Police Department (MPD) officers arrived at the scene of an accident and found one of their own falling down drunk with bloodshot eyes on Tuesday. MPD officer Ashley Hunter's speech was slurred when she refused to conduct a field sobriety test or provide a blood sample. She was arrested and taken to a hospital. Officers said that she nearly fell down while being placed in the back seat of a patrol car. When taken to jail she refused a breathalyzer test. She is charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and DUI resulting in property damage. The MPD has relieved her of her duties.

According to public records, Ashley Susan Hunter is 30 years old. She owns a home in Homestead, but also has a recent address listed not far the scene of this accident (Southwest 224th Street and Old Cutler Road), so we think she has two residences. She registered to vote as a Democrat in 2008. She has no prior criminal record.

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