Prison Guard Dana Fisher Busted Smuggling Meth Laced Lollipops

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South Carolina Department of Corrections Sergeant Dana Fisher was arrested recently for smuggling lollipops laced with methamphetamine into the Ridgeland Correctional Institution. She is charged with distribution of methamphetamine, providing contraband to an inmate, and misconduct in office. According to the SCDC Office of Investigations and Intelligence, Fisher brought in a bag of Blow Pop suckers and a fellow officer noticed that the wrappers on some of them appeared to have been altered with glue. The altered Blow Pops were tested for drugs and the results came back positive for meth. Authorities say they are still waiting for test results from other suckers she brought in. She has been fired.

We don't know what Fisher's motives were and the authorities have not released any, so we can only speculate based on this author's experience as a federal convict. Based on Fisher's appearance we believe that she was lonely and at least one male inmate made her feel good about herself for the first time in years. she has the type of big booty build commonly desired by black men. One of them probably complemented her on her looks either verbally or by being caught "gunning." "Gunning" is prison slang used to describe the act of jacking off at your cell door while a female staff member is on the other side. Inmates that engage in "gunning" are usually referred to as "gunners." The general prison population is a segregated community where each race has different rules for their own members. If a white guy gets caught gunning he is put in the same category as a sex offender and smashed off the yard. Other races, especially the blacks, tolerate gunners. Most female officers are disgusted by gunners, but every once in awhile one comes along that seems to like it and in rarer cases admits liking it. If Fisher's special inmate were not a gunner then he probably came up to her while she was working by herself and sweet talked her. At first she probably rejected him, but didn't write him up. Then he probably became persistent and wore her down. He had to have triggered feeling in her so powerful that she was willing to risk her job to keep feeling that way. Perhaps she would have been better off using the meth herself, losing a few pounds, and finding a better man. Then again this may not have been a romantic situation at all. State prison guards are paid notoriously small wages and she may have simply been working for an inmate. Whatever the truth is, we may never know and certainly won't know until the media reports the alleged motive.

The media reported that Fisher is 39 and lives in Savannah, Georgia, but when we did a background check on Dana Fisher we found no results for 39 year old people in Savannah, Georgia by that name. We did find a realtor with a Facebook profile under a different name and thought the profile photos looked a lot like the same person, but we are not posting the link because we have too many doubts.

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