UN-Registed SURVEILLANCE AGENT 4 dA FEDZ - Joseph Anzalone OHIO

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Set Up On:
Category: Other - Information
Current Surveillance Address:
1898 Scranton RdCleveland, OH 44113
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Joseph Anzalone has always wanted to be Tony Soprano. He visits mob museums, acts hard, but at the end of the day is nothing but a Greasy WOP from Cleveland, Ohio. He's a life long Cleveland Browns fans, born loser.

Around 2016 Joseph was giving a commission paying job as a business development representative for a small Ohio Repossession company. Because Joseph Anzalone is given by greed, he traded his morals to work for the Government. Joe doesn't care who gets the scans his 160+ mobile Automated License Plate Recognition (#ALPR) that are on the roads of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Civilians in the United States of America are being detained RIGHT NOW because WOP REPO JOE OHIO wants to drive a ***** ** **** C6 roadster Vette.

The MOB Never Forgets and General Motors won't back you anymore Joseph Anzalone. You're bad moral conduct has been noted.

This fat With OUT Papers Italian Greaser charged me $80 cash only to get my child's car seat. And he stole the change from my center console. I called General Motors Financial manager Bryan Russell to file a complaint, however, Bryan said Joe's company was all legit and Joe was an award winning customer service agent.

I guess the customer is General Motors and not me, the American Banking Consumer.

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