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Jodie Marie Dawson-Ellinger-Selby knows the DRNData.com ALPR scans gathered go to ICE but doesn't care, she thinks she's helping keep America safe. More like keeping the DEA and ICE informed of vehicle locations.

At this time we are unable to open-source gather Jodie Marie's new home address. We have a call into the Solano County tax assessors office to get this new address.

Her current husband is the father of an active USAF service member so we are not listing Jodie's current husband. However, Jodie is the step-mother to a California Municipal Patrol Police Officer that is assigned to a migrant community at this time. Jodie's current husband IS NOT the biological father of her daughter, her husband recently adopted this minor child.

Motorola's LEARN is a success for American Law Enforcement due to Jodie's ability to recruit "scanner agents". She lies then rips these repossessors off, then slanders them. Meanwhile ADESA Auctions and Volkswagen Credit Inc gives Jodie a free car to drive and enough money to gain 50 lbs since COVID-19.

This woman needs to have her California Qualified Manager license revoked by BSIS in Sacramento.

ACAB #AbolishICE #KARGlobal #DigitalRecognitionNetwork #LocationServices #SkipTracer #FuckDaFedz #FuckThePolice #NoCamsNeeded #68RivDog

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