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A data breach recently outed dozens of current and former law enforcement officers in Oregon as members of the far-right extremist militia group Oath Keepers. One of those officers is former Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy Philip Farrell whose Facebook friends list is public ( On that list we discovered the names of many current MCSO deputies including the deputy responsible for breaking this author's arm and others involved in that incident.

On June 28, 2017 this author's left humerus bone was broken in half by MCSO deputy Timothy Barker. Barker had me pinned down against a mattress in the disciplinary unit, uncuffed my hands which were behind my back, grabbed my left arm, and twisted it away from my body until it broke. As the image above shows, a search of Farrell's Friend's list for the name "Barker" results in a profile named Tim Barker which was already known to this author as the Facebook profile of Deputy Timothy Barker. Other individuals involved in the arm breaking incident also present on Farrell's friend's list include David Kovachevich (, Uwe Pemberton (, Philip Hubert (, and Paul Simpson (

Additional current or former MCSO personnel linked to the Oath Keepers by virtue of being Farrell Facebook friends include

Bud Karp (

Steve Hartshorn (

Clyde Bagley (

Sharon Vogt Huffstutter (

Harold Amidon (

Sharon Vogt Huffstutter (

Daniel Carrithers (

Linda Satrapa Yankee (

Ed Hagen (

James Turney (

George Siniscal (

Andrew Grundmann (

Bruce Bledsoe (

Bruce Giggers (

Scott Fuller (

Jim Hoffert (

Bill Rock (

Kraig Anspach (

Stan Donna Kinzig (

Harold Amidon (

Sean Neely (

Phil Lawrence (

Shibui Swords Tsuba (

Amber Marshall (

Donna Bucar (

Matt Mitchell (

Robert Miller (

Tim Robinson (

Susan Lambert-Gates (

Jeffrey Smith (

Bernie Giusto (

Kirk Freiermuth (

Paul Blackburn (

Bud Naten (

Kay Chambliss (

Wendall Jackson (

Richard Hilts (

Rodger Cross (

Val Owen (

Bill Taylor (

Jerry Robertson (

Shawn Seals (

Doug Anderson (

Dot Hayes-Rathburn (

Dan McEuen (

Muhammad Ra'oof (

Jim Knapp (

Dave Bejarano (

Jay Sadler (

Kenneth Harris (

Cathy Mcpartland-Lamb (

Kathy Kosky-Seals (

Steven Gilliam (

Terence Packham (

Laur'e Akers (

Larry Domine (

Stefan Streight (

Jessie Leader (

Mike Veley (

Rosemary Morgan-Harris (

David Kalel (

Gerald Bales (

Kari Carrithers (

Rob Ward (

Jeff Magnuson (

Timothy D. Strohmeyer (

John Plock (

Matthew Dilger (

Troy Ness (

Derrick Peterson (

Matt Dilger (

Jesse Luna (

Judith Lucke (

Curt Bull (

Barb Pomazi (

Paul Simpson (

Brandon White (

Brett Russell (

Tom Slyter (

Enrique Suave (

Mike Wroten (

Jerry French (

Marcine Stevens (

Danny Ny (

Laverne Thomas Jr. (

Steve Hartshorn (

Gary Glaze (

Steve Eastvedt (

Molly McDade (

Ross Mac Donald (

Bobby Caston (

Don Smith (

Gretchen Rosa (

Jobie Marshall (

Todd Taylor (

Philip Hubert (

We suspect several other people on Farrell's friend's list of being current or former MCSO staff members, but cannot confirm for sure because this author does not recall ever meeting them or they failed to overtly identify themselves as law enforcement. One person on Farrell's list is Portland Police Officer Michael N Amy Close (

Does this mean all those people are actually Oath Keepers members? Not necessarily, but it does show that they are part of a right leaning community that despite being outed as including far-right extremists still have no problem openly associating in this way.

We recognized one of the people on Farrell's friends list as recently retired MCSO deputy Sharon Huffstutter whose racist Facebook posts we exposed in 2019 (, that same year we talked about the embarrassing history of former deputy Judith Lucke (, and have written articles about several others on the list including these:

Is it possible for any of these people to be Oath Keepers in the true meaning of the name? No, it does not because the name Oath Keepers supposedly means that they are a group of people who intend to keep the oath they swore which was to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is not possible for someone to keep such an oath and work as a law enforcement officer (LEO) for any significant length of time. The most obvious examples of why that is are 2nd Amendment violations in which police arrest people for unlawfully possessing firearms even thought they are exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Correctional officers inevitably enable the detention of the same people. If a LEO wants to truly keep his oath he or she will need to refrain from arresting anyone based on any law that prohibits them from possessing firearms or is otherwise unconstitutional and will ultimately lose his or her job. If that person is a correctional officer the only way they can keep their oath is by refusing to book anyone on a firearms related charge and free all that were booked by other staff members or before they started working at the correctional facility. For those reasons it is not possible for any group called Oath Keepers in relation to an oath to protect and defend the Constitution to allow LEOs in their ranks without admitting through such actions that they are not Oath Keepers at all and their name is a fraud. Besides the 2nd Amendment there are many other Constitutional violations committed by LEOs either directly (ex: arresting someone for free speech on violation of the 1st Amdendment) or tangentially (assisting with the detention of a person held on excessive bail in violation of the 8th Amendment).

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