Adam Crelly and Lover Lance

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By: KevinB
Category: Snitches - Informants
Current Courthouse Address:
Fairview, Edmond, Okc

In July 2020, Adam got mad after a big argument with a hooker that he and Lance partied with every other week. The hooker use to party with both of them doing coke and nasty nasty things not meant to repeated. They liked her cause she was young, in her mid 20s and looked a child.

He would always get high and mentioned how he wish he could find a kid (someone under 18) to please him. Adam got caught attempting to find a new hooker and snitched on a guy that he met through the prostitute that would smoke weed with them. Adam told the guy that he had a legal weed weed card and that he didn't know which dispensary sold the best weed.

After Adam got caught by the Oklahoma Vice for trying to buy a new prostitute (because he got into it with the original prostitute) he called the guy and asked him to go to dispensary for him. The poor guy fell for it and ended up getting his house raided, arrested, and losing almost everything he had over a palm size amount of Marijuana. The guy got charged with distribution of Marijuana for getting weed from store and giving it to someone he thought had a card.

Adam and Lance are from Canton and Fairview, OK area. They are undercover lovers, pedophiles, coke heads, and heroin addicts. Their last known home location is Edmond, OK. They're known to visit strip bars, looking for hookers to bribe them to do coke ("I'll give u $100 if u do a line") so they can take advantage of them. If you meet either one of these guys run!!

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