Dr. Lyn J. Mangiameli please retract your report

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By: Mike Mc
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Ben Zimmerman:

Dr. Lyn J. Mangiameli was assigned to my case which involved a false allegation. My former attorney had previously threatened to tamper with any evaluation. She said that she "lost a lot of business" as a result of complaints that I had previously made about her. This attorney allowed my 13 year old son to be sexually molested. There are also strong indications that my other children had been molested, but I can't confirm it because I haven't seen them in over 7 years.

Furthermore, my youngest daughter is under the legal custody of a man who previously drugged and raped a teen.

California Penal Code 236.1 dictates that "the abuse or threatened abuse of the legal process" cannot be used to sex traffic a child. If there were to be any false determination of competency, it would affect my standing to protect my children. I used this law to make an argument to the judge that any evaluation would unlawful.

Although the judge accepted this, my attorney indicated the Dr. Mangiameli would still submit a psychological evaluation into the record. I promptly filed a preemptive complaint with the California Board of Psychology. I included all the ALL the details of what is happening to my kids. I requested that he not submit any report, as no empirically valid assessment would be utilized, nor did he have my consent.

Dr. Mangiameli went ahead anyhow and submitted into the record a report that indicated that I was mentally incompetent, despite not having my consent or participation. He indicated in the report that he viewed the evidence that the custodial father of my youngest daughter previously engaged in a drugging and rape, but it did nothing to deter him.

He also stated that because I report the sexual abuse of my children to the District Attorney in 2017 that it could be an indication of a "psychiatric difficulties". At no point did Dr. Mangiameli confirm or disconfirm the abuse. He simply said that I was crazy for having reported it.

I call on Dr. Mangiameli to retract the improper report that he filed.

Here is more information: https://valeriehoughtonsextraffickedmykids.wordpress.com

mangiameli Says:

Dr. Mangiameli is contracted by the Judicial Council of California to write evaluations. He has defrauded the state by taking money for writing a report without meeting or speaking to his subject.

Please sign the following petitions to urge the Judicial Council to stop paying this psychologist to make determinations on behalf of the state.



mangiameli Says:

Dirty Mangiameli won't retract the report that he wrote without my participation.

He forces penises in the mouths of my children so that he pockets the money that will put food into his own mouth.

This guy is a complete CREEP.

I just don't understand why he would do such a shitty thing to my kids. Doesn't he have a conscience? Is this what he does to his own kids?

Everyone knows that a psychologist must use scientifically valid measures. This is psychology 101. But this is what Dr. Mangiamele did. He said that because I claimed that my children were being sexually abused that I was not competent to stand trial. This report puts my children in continued danger. I never even met this man.

How can a person be so callous and cruel?

Doesn't he make enough money?

Larry W Says:

Dr. Lyn Mangiameli has still not retracted his report. He lets helpless children be sexually abused so he can stuff extra money into his pockets.

This guy makes my skin crawl.

I have posted excerpts of the report here + all the details and implications.


Do yourselves a favor. Don't use this guy for nothing. His work can never be trusted again.

mangiameli Says:

Valerie Houghton is laughing. She jokes about child molestation not being reportable.


She has done it many times before.




That is eleven kids in total (4 separate cases). Dr. Lyn Mangiameli has likely done this to many other kids, as well.

mangiameli Says:

You can never trust anything that he ever writes again. This quack is tasked with writing other psychological reports that affect public safety and custody.


mangiameli Says:

Lyn J. Magiameli is a pile of sh#t. He never bothered to retract his report. There is no doubt in my mind that he took some extra cash on the side to do that to my kids. He and Valerie Houghton are cut from the same filthy cloth.

I made sure that he had the info about my kids before he wrote it. He willfully facilitated the sexual abuse of my children.

Mike Mc Says:

My youngest was just two years old when he was showing signs of being sexually abused. Dr. Mangiameli's improper determination makes it impossible to protect and rehabilitate him.

What kind of a life is he supposed to have? This is all that he knows.

Mike Mc Says:

I have been telling the appropriate people since 2017 that my kids are being sexually abused. Now a psychologist is saying that the mere fact of reporting is a sign of a psychiatric difficulty.

They did the same exact thing in another case:


What is the point of saying that child rape is illegal if people who report it will be accused of being crazy?

Mike Mc Says:

Dr. Mangiameli has yet to remove his improperly made determination. He works with Courts throughout San Benito County, San Mateo County, and Santa Clara County. We count on him to ALWAYS do the right thing. The community's safety depends on it.

I call on Dr. Lyn J. Mangiameli to retract his report. He filed one without my consent and without even meeting with me. Any psychological determination needs to be made using an empirically valid assessment. The end result is that I have been found mentally incompetent. Now I can do nothing to protect my children from the sexual abuse that they are enduring.

He already knows for certain that youngest daughter is in the legal custody of a rapist. If he doesn't file an amended report, he can never be trusted again.

Mike Mc Says:

I really hope that Dr. Mangiameli does the right thing. Not only does he endanger my kids, but he also leaves a pedophile to have unfettered access to children at several schools and a church nursery.

He accepted money (at least in part) from the state of California to do this evaluation. Dr. Mangiameli had a duty to every taxpayer, many of which have kids themselves.

Mike Mc Says:

I put some of the background here. It is my hope that Dr. Lyn Mangiameli will remove that report ASAP.


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