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11/23/2021 - My youngest was just two years old when he was showing signs of being sexually abused. Dr. Mangiameli's improper determination makes it impossible to protect and rehabilitate him.

What kind of a life is he supposed to have? This is all that he knows.
11/23/2021 - I have been telling the appropriate people since 2017 that my kids are being sexually abused. Now a psychologist is saying that the mere fact of reporting is a sign of a psychiatric difficulty.

They did the same exact thing in another case:


What is the point of saying that child rape is illegal if people who report it will be accused of being crazy?
11/23/2021 - Dr. Mangiameli has yet to remove his improperly made determination. He works with Courts throughout San Benito County, San Mateo County, and Santa Clara County. We count on him to ALWAYS do the right thing. The community's safety depends on it.

I call on Dr. Lyn J. Mangiameli to retract his report. He filed one without my consent and without even meeting with me. Any psychological determination needs to be made using an empirically valid assessment. The end result is that I have been found mentally incompetent. Now I can do nothing to protect my children from the sexual abuse that they are enduring.

He already knows for certain that youngest daughter is in the legal custody of a rapist. If he doesn't file an amended report, he can never be trusted again.
11/21/2021 - I really hope that Dr. Mangiameli does the right thing. Not only does he endanger my kids, but he also leaves a pedophile to have unfettered access to children at several schools and a church nursery.

He accepted money (at least in part) from the state of California to do this evaluation. Dr. Mangiameli had a duty to every taxpayer, many of which have kids themselves.

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