NY State Police attempt murder

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My name is Michael Cremen. I was involved in an incident on Hertel Ave in Buffalo, NY on 8/28/20. I saw a BLM/WNY Liberation Collective Terror March coming down the Street. Several members of the Mob were armed, appeared, and sounded dangerous. I took drastic measures to stop what I saw coming (another Holocaust ultimately). I was charged illegally with a hate crime. The footage that was broadcast repeatedly for months was deliberately misleading to distort the evidence. My electronics were hacked (to this day), illegal surveillance commenced immediately...beginning 9/1/20. The Erie County DA, John Flynn was on the News spewing hatred toward me non stop. By many Miracles of G-D, I escaped several murder attempts. On 11/9/20, The NY State Police called me and told me that there was a Report of an "Incident" at my house. I asked what time was the Report since I had just gotten home (i purposely left my cellphone at home since I knew it was under surveillance). I was told the call was at 1:15PM. My wife and I were not home at or near 1:15pm and had receipts to prove it. Police asked who was in the house and if everyone was safe. My wife spoke to the Officer and told her yes, her and I were safe and asked them to leave us alone. The Officer told me that I wasn't in any trouble, that Police had no Warrant to arrest me and that they were just making sure everyone was safe. I asked if any Police came to my house between 1:15PM and the time I arrived home 3:15PM. They said that no Police had been there.

I found that too be an extremely strange response. Why would Police be calling my phone non stop about an incident at my house but never show up?

While on the phone with the State Police Officer, I saw a drone flying above my door. I asked the Officer why there was a drone if I wasn't in trouble and no Warrant? He said they had to make sure everyone was safe. I had told him several times we were safe. I told him that my wife and I were going to go out, the Officer said no, he could call me back. He called me back and said for us to go out to the road with our hands up. When out at the Road, several Officers came out of the woods with machine guns hanging over their chests, night vision goggles, and other armaments. My wife and I were cuffed. Police tried to bait her to lie and say wrong things about me but she requested a lawyer (in a van alone with male officers). They released her and took her home after 1.5 hours in custody. I was arrested on a Warrant (they never produced any Warrant). The NY State Police conspired with the Erie County DA - John Flynn, and the local Media to murder my wife and I. The Media reported a complete false narrative about this event. The Lawyers everywhere are scared to death of these maniacs. I want Justice!

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