Fillmore County Sheriff Steve Julich Arrested for DUI After Crash

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Fillmore County Interim Sheriff Steve Julich was arrested for drunk driving over the weekend after deputies in neighboring Steward County responded to the scene of an accident. Sheriff Julich refused to take a sobriety test and was booked into the Steward County Jail on suspicion of drunk driving. Julich posted $500 bail and was quickly released. No one was injured in the accident. The Fillmore County Board met Tuesday and chose to allow Julich to remain their Sheriff as the investigation continues.

Julich was sworn in as Interim Sheriff last year following the retirement of William Burgess. Julich had announced his intention to run for Sheriff, but this incident will likely tarnish his campaign.

According to public records, Steven A. Julich is a 41 year old resident of Geneva, Nebraska. He is a registered Republican with no prior criminal history. He is associated with a business called Rapid Response Services LLC.

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