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By: Erica K
Category: Snitches - Informants
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This guy...SMH He is a meth/ice dealer.He mixed bath salts with his stuff,entices underage girls and of age women with the drug to get them messed up so he can sexually abuse them.He does this from the basement of his parents home with zero regard to them.Everytime he gets popped he's doing zero time.I happen to know on good authority that it's indeed bc he is a snitch.Hes sent many to jail.And assaulted many women.Hes a weirdo freak.Thid is his profile pic on Facebook.Adam Richard Seavers.

Ricky d Says:

This info is true .

Known the guy a long time 4 real police And serious creeper ..needle junkie his whole family in on the sexual abuse of young women ,all around sick mf family

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