Indicted Texas Cop Justin Berry Appointed to Oversight Board

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Justin Berry Defames "Extremist" Groups:

Justin Berry was just appointed to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCLE) by Governor Greg Abbott. Berry is currently under indictment for shooting a demonstrator at a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020 with a beanbag round fired from a shotgun ( Berry is alleged to have inflicted serious body injury by using excessive force without just cause. He should have been suspended without pay pending the outcome of his criminal case, but instead was promoted to an oversight board in charge of setting minimum licensing standards for police. Berry also ran for office and has a history of targeting activist groups.

Berry ran for the District 19 seat in the Texas House of Representatives earlier this year. He was defeated in the Republican primary by Ellen Troxclair. Berry received about 43.5% of the vote. He promoted himself as a law and order conservative. He also used his indictment to boost his profile among the Thin Blue Line crowd.

Berry has been an enemy of the people since at least 2012. That year he began a campaign of defamation by labeling as "domestic extremists" several groups including Anonymous, CopBlock, CopWatch, and Peaceful Streets. Tech Dirt wrote an excellent article about Berry's activities ( which included a PDF. We are uploading the PDF with this article, so you should be able to read it by clicking the little PDF icon above the map.

According to public records, Justin Lee Berry is a 37 year old white male residing in Austin, Texas. His last known home address is 2708 Lawrence Drive. We are making that address publicly available for any protest groups that have anything to say about the TCLE or Justin Berry. We have a First Amendment right to post information like that about government employees ( As always, we ask that you not use this information for any unlawful purpose. We would be happy to remove his address if he resigns or is convicted and sent to prison.

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