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Surry County Sheriffs Department,(was called dispatched on) June 29,2022 they were called to a residence, they were supposed to be serving and protecting me, I called for a deranged grandmother, she tried to kidnap a 48 year old woman. I have had problems with these enforcement agencies along with King police Department located in king NC. when I get the documents downloaded will be posting a few articles and other documents, really from other law enforcements from not only NC, VA, GA, FL, TX, and last but not least lol. (Alaska) OH My I actually got a sealed document that has false accusations on it recording of me being a deranged black woman. now U will have to know where this really came from. DO u know how dangerous this is by looking the site I see cops that has killed my culture I see. Now how can a police department, put in that main data base and say they ran your license from a state where u have never had a license ???? how so, that looks like grounds for that is a civil law matter, and yes I have reported it already. Nothing never done, I am new to the area, so I already knew what I would already face. I had called this states police department already. Well as I was unpacking I ran across many many documents I just getting back around, things had to be shipped from Alaska back to the lower 48, so it was out in a storage in Texas my solider is special now.

I should have started the story what happened in 2004. I decided to tell you with this police station already did last night. Thursday, Sept 29, 2022. This is why I called ahead to let them know I will be standing my ground this time 'Legally" through the FEDERAL COURTS, not saying another hostile threats at all. NC FBI has been called, NC STATE Bureau, FBI (Alaska) all these federal agencies. Including the Fairbanks police station in Fairbanks Alaska. I believe that's is why was me and my child I had ( active military) was harassed last night, me trying to get on base ( FORT BRAGG) because I felt like I was having a heart attack, keep in mind now I have the proof this very same incident happened in Alaska, strange huh.???????? What happened in the emergency room. I called Alaska State trooper yesterday earlier, I mean they are on a different time frame than we are. I called , the lady answers' her reply my I help you. "I said I need to talk to a State trooper, she said what is this in regard??? I said I well mam, I called in May or June, was not in front of the document, at that time up above I clearly stated it( up above ) it was in a storage at that time. I assume she thought she was gonna tell me the same as her, and others" have told me in while I was in GA, for a little. This time I stopped her, before she could give me that same old line all the agencies have done, and used from 2004 till 2022. They are aware that I have access to this and many many many other documents., so I believe they called down here to N.C and to Bragg and it almost seems we have been watched, I mean they don't think, I know what's going on. God speed to the people, all all these states" Best thing for me to do at this point, is write a letter to the chief justice, at the federal level. I might as well address now, so what is on that NCIC should even be there, and really it could have turned bad for me, I was in distress, and I am a sickly woman, and this police department here oh my they took my id' and my license( would not give it back) this is to the whole world. go look up Beverly Smith vs Joe Maye, and Joe Maye vs Beverly smith. I called the city of this county NAACP, and u know what he told me, oh we cant help you like Surry County, Winston Salem, Georgia, Alaska NAACP. They have told me the same line all these years. What happened to THIS ORGANIZATION???? are they scared of the police or something are they giving them money to let them obstruct justice what is the problem.?? I am ashamed at this point from how they have treated a person they once helped, but I mean look at the year 2004, Surry Community Education unit, Imma send u back to 'Africa article Beverly G smith was 29 years old, I am now 48, and they got away with it, and I have called off and on to these NAACP all over in these states. u think they would help me. No they to busy belittling me on the phone today, FAYETTEVILLE, its not looking to good for u guys to get help from the President here, He already told me over the phone, and Winston Salem chapter, and Georgia chapter, oh my u cant even find no one for the ( SURRY COUNTY)NAACP chapter they do not even know who is who lol.


Orlando Sentinel

Jan 29, 2004

DOBSON, N.C. -- A black woman who said a college professor told her she needed to go back to Africa has asked for an apology and said the incident led her to drop out of school. Part-time psychology professor Joe Maye was fired about a month after Beverly Smith, 29, reported that he confronted her about an absence from his class at Surry Community College on Nov. 17. "He accused me of lying and said, 'I need to send you back to Africa.' " When I asked him 'What?' He again repeated 'I need to send you back to Africa,' " Smith said in a letter to the Surry County branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

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