Predator Cop Todd Barraco Busted on Take Down with Chris Hansen

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Former Vassar Police officer Todd Barraco was showcased yesterday on Take Down with Chris Hansen. Barraco showed up at a house in Michigan thinking he was going to meet a 15 year old boy for sex but instead met the Genesee County Sheriff's Department. Barraco now faces three charges related to use of the internet to abuse a child.

Barraco appears to have left the house as soon as he suspected the decoy inside of not really being a 15 year old boy. He was arrested outside before being brought back in for questioning not by police but by Chris Hansen instead. Barraco repeatedly refused to face any cameras he saw acting as if he could choose not to be on camera but Hansen made it clear cameras were everywhere. Then Hansen confronted Barraco with online chat records which made his intentions clear as did a bottle of lubricant found in Barraco's pocket.

According to media reports, Barraco's career history is that of a gypsy cop jumping from job to job. Oddly every job change coincided with him also accepting a position with a school district. Multiple school districts have accused him of behaving inappropriately with students.

Chris Hansen needs no introduction. He became famous 20 years ago as the host of To Catch a Predator on Dateline NBC ( He has been busting pedophiles ever since.

According to public records, Todd Andrew Barraco is a 45 year old resident of Lapeer, Michigan. His last known home address is 4562 Genesee Road. We are making that address publicly available to help teenagers know where not to go. Please do not use that information for any unlawful purpose.

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