David Cahill Vermont Used AI and social media to make jury pools

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I reported to the state that it was leaked that they were using AI to choose jury pools and in a week or 2 Cahill was fired.

I didn't specify name anyone i just made it clear this was a practice and it should be check to see if it was being done.

I my self fell victims to their jury rigging so i looked deeper into how they could possibly be doing it and i found a jem by sheer chance.

I had a seething angry liberal jury purly upset at me for being a gun owner , they stirred the pot at the introduction they

told the jury they were not allowed to read anything about the laws i was being charged with and then gave jury instructions that if i did anything the police didn't like then they must convict me, i asked my lawyer how this was legal and he said everything is fine.

they entire case was based off a fog light pointed at the ground,

i pulled over to a friends place we spoke , the officer explained to me he was taking my vehicle from private property so i asked him if he had a warrant to do so, they said no, so i said the F -&* you are.. and that what the jury convicted me on i got 3 year i just served for obstruction.

they wouldn't allow me to have say or be at my appeal they lied to me when it was to take place, the judge the prosecutor and my own lawyers hung me out to dry and told the world i took a officers gun and tried to kill them with it. but nothing like this ever happened...

the system is rigged

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