Oklahoma City Officer Dean Forbes Arrested for Stealing Cocaine

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Oklahoma City Police Officer Dean Forbes was arrested last week after he was found unconscious from a cocaine overdose. His wife was also found unconscious from a cocaine overdose the following day and quickly told investigators that the two were spending thousands of dollars a month on cocaine. Officer Forbes has since admitted to stealing cocaine from abandoned and stolen cars. He claimed to have no intention of actually using the drugs and that he only took them as trophies.

Officer Forbes also admitted planning his drug use around his work schedule to avoid failing drug tests. He denies selling drugs but admits to distributing cocaine at parties. Despite all this Officer Forbes remains on the books as an official Oklahoma City Police officer but on administrative leave.

Officer Forbes' full name is Dean Yancy Walt Forbes and his wife is Sandra Forbes. Judging by the video below they appear to live in a cheap manufactured home despite Officer Forbes alone making over $88,000 last year (https://govsalaries.com/forbes-yancy-w-136624522). Clearly he spent so much on something that he couldn't afford a decent home.

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