When They Refuse to Protect You

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I was raped in Cumberland County NC on 5/27/2021. On 5/28/2021, I started making a complaint with a 911 operator and became upset because the 911 operator wasn't understanding what I was saying, and I told her I couldn't do it and hung up. In Feb 2022, per instructions of Assistant District Attorney, I thought her name was Carol Kelly, but it might be Keri Carol, I made the complete report. For the better part of three weeks, I listened to Detective Dustin Arnett tell me he was reviewing the evidence and taking it to his DA. Nothing ever happened. During this time, the ADA I was working with (Either Mrs. Kelly or Carol was telling me she was waiting on Detective Arnett to bring her the charges. She advised there was more than enough evidence to take charges. Nothing ever happened and I gave up after almost a month of waiting. In July of this year, I tried to kill myself because I cannot handle what happened to me and the way Fayetteville PD has handled it. From the police department to ADA Roslyn Hood, to the magistrate's office, to the detectives, to the judge during the 50B trial, I have been letdown so many times while begging for help and no one has actually helped me. On 9/25, I asked for the case to be reopened. To date I have been told by three different people that medical records were not needed to press charges. To date no charges have been filed on my behalf. I have never had a verbal conversation with the new Detective Jessica Lewis and the conversations I have had with Major Kellie Berg and Sergeant John Newland have consisted of excuses on why nothing has been done to telling me they will not press charges. I have tried to get them medical records and sent them authorizations to talk to providers and they have not gotten them, nor will they allow me to have them sent to them. I go days without responses and questions are ignored or not answered. Reaching out to John Newland was unproductive, as he never answers the phone when I call and then accuses me of avoiding his calls when he calls me during my work hours. There have been times I missed calls, and no one left messages for me to call back and was told that there was no voicemail on my phone it just rings and rings, which is not true. I have to work, I provided them with my lunch time that I could take calls.

I provided them with emails that I consider are admissions from the person who raped me, I gave them pictures and apparently those aren't good enough either. They will not take statements from my mental health professionals that I reported the 3 years' worth of abuse to. They told me since there was no rape kit done and I waited to tell someone that basically I have nothing. I have multiple mental health issues and I do not respond and handle things like normal people and they are using my reactions against me. I need help. I have multiple reports that were filled with them showing a pattern of domestic violence and his abuse and multiple entries from my mental health providers backing the reports and they still won't do anything. They are covering their butts with all this mess going on and trying to play police, prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, and jury. He plays the single dad disable veteran card but that doesn't despite the correct story. I have asked them to please subpoena the phone records before they are no longer available, and this has not happened. Everything I ask them they take as a challenge to their authority, and I have told them that if they don't do something I am going to start telling people what they are doing to me. I just don't know who to tell or how to get help. I know that 3 years ago in there a mother and daughter accusing a man of molesting them. There was no evidence, and no one was told for over 20 years in one case and 10 years in the other. They asked the man to take a lie detector test, told him it wasn't admissible in court, but they could use it to take charges. They also sent the youngest accuser to a pediatric forensic psychiatrist and determine she was lying. They told the older accuser that all they would need was her sworn statement and that they could take charges, it came out later that she lied to her husband about it to try and get him to stay with her and then paid him $50,000 to keep his mouth shut and he told anyways. They dropped the investigation and let it go. I have asked them why they cannot send me for a lie detector test since they don't believe me/ have enough evidence or to send me to a forensic psychiatrist since my psychiatrist isn't sufficient and they will not acknowledge that I have said anything.

I need help and I was hoping you could point me in the direction that I need to go in. I know that things I have done since the rape are not like most normal victims, but I still deserve justice.

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