Oregon LEOs Spam Sling TV with Christine Drazan Ads feat. Gomer Pyle

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If you're an Oregonian whose ditched DirecTV for SlingTV you've undoubtedly been bombarded with negative campaign ads blasting Tina Kotek for not supporting police officers. About half of the ads are the same ad featured in the video below starring Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. as Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriff's (ORCOPS) President Aaron Schmautz urging people to "join law enforcement, don't vote for Tina Kotek." This ad runs almost every commercial break, so if you're binge watching The Walking Dead or anything else you will see it at least three times per episode. This invasion of our televisions will not be tolerated.

We were just going to vote for ourselves as write in candidates because we don't like any of Oregon's candidates for governor, but because Oregon law enforcement officers have spammed our TVs with this nonsense we are going to vote for Tina Kotek. We are comfortable with that choice because Schmautz's criticism lack merit. Portland has never been better. People finally feel free to camp outside wherever they want and you don't have to worry about the cops having time to respond whenever some lame calls the cops on you unless you really did something bad.

According to public records, Aaron Michael Schmautz is a 40 year old resident of Estacada, Oregon. He is a registered Republican. He appears to have a handful of speeding tickets on his record from about 20 years ago. Schmautz is also the President of the Portland Police Association.

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