Chicago Officer Henry Capouch Arrested After Urinating in Ice Machine

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Chicago Police officer Henry Capouch was arrested recently for urinating in the ice machine at Jimmy B's Bar inside the Beachcomber Hotel in St. Pete Beach, Florida. It is alleged that a hotel employee discovered Capouch "pissing in the ice machine" and told him to stop. Capouch allegedly responded by shoving the employee and cursing at him before leaving the scene but without fleeing far enough. The employee and a security guard quickly led deputies on a low speed manhunt resulting in the the discovery of Capouch on a nearby beach with his girlfriend where he was arrested on charges of battery and disorderly conduct.

Responding deputies also alleged that Capouch was initially uncooperative, refused to obey "commands" and actively resisted. Despite these claims no charges of resisting arrest were filed. Capouch has been relieved of his police powers pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

According to public records, Henry W. Capouch is a 30 year old resident of Chicago, Illinois. He is registered as a non-partisan voter with no prior criminal history.

Learn more about this case in the video below.

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