P.0.$ from Louisville KY

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By: Wtfut8der
Category: Snitches - Informants
Current Vehicle Address:
Clifton heights
Sidewalk si$$y tells on a11:

This guy right here tells on everyone he dose dealings with, will steal your $hit, smile in your face, and blame it on split personalities like it makes it better. He messes with a cow of a bitch also known as a CI will post her up here soon enough, somehow gets out of jail for trafficking of 28gs of fentanyl for $500 in the state of indiana a state know to hang you for 1/4 bag of weed, cons what was supposed to be his friend out of money on his lawyer pays his bond of $1000 also for trafficking just in another state while Indiana case is still open, dont make it a week on house arrest he was doing at said so called friends house, asks to borrow his "friends" wifes truck and steals it without even saying thank you. What a hell of a guy this one is. Also worst part is everyone he serves and gets his stuff from knows he eats cheese like a rat. Vote for this one right here for worlds best bad friend! Spread the word. Share the $h1t out of this

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