Miami-Dade Officer Laquandra Luster Pulls Gun on Ex-Boyfriend

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Miami-Dade Police officer Laquandra Luster was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm and battery Sunday after allegedly pulling her service weapon on her ex-boyfriend during a heated argument. The media has not said exactly what the argument was about but the two of them have a child together so that probably had sometime to do with it. The Miami-Dade Police Department was quick to release a boiler plate statement of disappointment not worth reading which claimed such behavior by officers will not be tolerated. The MDPD is making their intolerance clear by keeping Luster on the force and continuing to pay her while she remains suspended pending the outcome of the case.

According to the video below, Luster is accused of striking her ex-boyfriend several times with her weapon in addition to pointing it at him. It sounds like she pistol whipped him but we only have the snippet of the report from the video to go on. The video also describes Luster as demanding her car keys and smashing an electronic device. The victim told police he recorded the incident and feared for his life, but we have not seen any footage of the incident. We would be surprised if the aggravated assault with a firearm charge sticks because she is not accused of firing the weapon. She might still get stuck with an aggravated assault conviction for using a blunt object as a weapon and causing someone injuries, but usually charging someone with a firearms based assault when no shots are fired defeats the purpose of having enhanced punishments for firearms based assaults in the first place. The purpose being to discourage people from firing guns at other people, so we think this is more of a battery which could have been felonious due to the use of a blunt weapon.

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