Dope dealer who snitches just to snitch

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By: TrixieJo
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Joplin Missouri and Kansas and Federal
joplin, Missouri 64804

Ok so a few months ago a close friend of mine called me to come pick him and his baby up. I show up and he hands me a transcript from 2007 between his uncle and federal judge and his uncles attorney where not only does he and his attorney discuss how he had been working for the police locally since 2004 but he got out of the game and was doing good when a joplin police officer came to him and asked him to help him get three individuals. No charges no involvement he willingly starts helping that officer. Then admits to working and being corporative to not only snitch locally but goes federal. The attorney asked for a downward departure and the judge stated that his charges are 10 to life he couldn't just do probation so gave him 24 months. As well as keeping him separated from his partner who got 15 years just days before. It also states that his continued corporation was approached. He names the officer he reports to and even discuses a shooting that two men were involved that one got 15 years and the other got 20 years and the gun belonged to the snitch and was a felon. When you look the case up it's et al because several people gives no details other than one man pleading guilty and the names but the case disappeared until 2010 when the snitch files an appeal with no case to even refer to but gets a seal anyway. After I seen the transcript I messaged him and he said that was him protecting his nephews but he even switched on them and one got his ass beat in prison because of who his unle is and had no idea until an inmate had his girlfriend get the transcript before it all got sealed and it took some time to get and after one was released it took a min for it to make it to the right hands. He is still to this day dealing and traveling to Texas and other locations to pick up and week to a week and a half later a good size bust usually goes down in the area he went and around that time he becomes ill and doesn't leave or finds some reason to not be alone. He is on probation and the day we all read that transcript a big fight broke out and cops were called by neighbors and you would not believe how it all went down no one's name was ran they told everyone to leave and he was in possession of large amounts of whatever and firearms but had officers waiting to pull everyone over as we left. Johnny w Swanner of Baxter Springs Kansas but originally from joplin Mo I hope everyone sees this and you have fun explaining all the cartel or just people you set up because your a bitch that your a snitch.

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