Senior Officer Specialist R. Groves is a Choker

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Current Prison Address:
13777 Air Expressway Blvd
Groves' Incomplete Incident Report:

On March 23, 2016 Senior Officer Specialist R. Groves choked me in the holding cell in the lieutenant's office at USP Victorville for taking my prescribed medication. Now, to his credit the rules said I had to take it right after dinner at pill line, but it makes me drowsy, so I would cheek it, go watch tv for a couple hours, and take it at bed time as the manufacturer intended. I did not deserve that. He also threatened to beat me up if I gave him attitude or resisted his choking. I spit it out, so I beat the write up for destroying an item during a search because if it were destroyed the DHO would not have had a picture of it.

While taking me to the hole he kept pointing out blind spots where the cameras would not see him if he beat me up. Then of course, the incident report did not mention the choking. It looked like I just spit it out voluntarily like a good boy. The look in his eyes was sadistic. He seemed like he got off on a power trip.

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