Will hack your phone and email and report to police

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Category: Snitches - Informants
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Tigard,portland,beaverton,happy valley
Portland, Oregon 97224

These people not only took advantage of me and pretended to be my friend...they bugged my house and turned my neighbors against me and the whole coty against me and made up a rumor that i was a sex offender which is 100%fabricated. They will not leave me alone. They are gang stalkers who will break into your house,destroy ypur property, turn your friends and family against you and harass you to death. I attempted suicide because their crew would not leave me alone despite my efforts to cease their abuse. They have stolen money from me, broken into my inbox and told police to join in with them. Crystal long, crystal sue curly (carey, david shank, josh zohlman, lisa hines, quincey hines, Britney hein, karra woody, holly blalak(spelling?). Holly poses as a mentor at a recovery center but is as racist as they come. Bridges to change, Stephen youngs, ashley mann, michelle wood, anastasio ramirez pacheco, Brian cazza who "runs" a recovery faith based home and uses his time harassing me. Karra woody is the most insecure person and will ruin your life. They act luke street thugs but they are taking long walks on the beach with police and trying to get me locked up because they are straight haters. They will target you and wont leave you alone which is the creepiest part of it.

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