Seven Bexar County Deputies Caught Sexting or Cheating with Dispatcher

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At least two of the seven Bexar County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) deputies caught sexting a 911 dispatcher also had extramarital affairs with her according to media reports. 911 dispatcher Krystal Perez was suspended and at least three BCSO deputies face possible future suspensions.

Deputy Jason Jarvis and Sgt. Renaldo Salinas are believed to have had sexual relationships with Perez while off duty. Jarvis' wife has filed for divorce. Text messages between Perez and Sgt. Salinas if true would prove they met up for sex off duty at least once. Deputy Juan Leal was caught voicing his desire to caress Perez with graphic details but it is not clear if he ever actually met up with her. The names of the other deputies involved are not known to us at this time.

Dr. Rashad Richey was quick to point out in the video below that the men deserve to be featured just as prominently as the woman in this story. If they're all married as alleged that is true. We say this because women traditionally play the role of gatekeeper in relationships while men traditionally play to role of pursuer. In some cases women are to blame while in others men are to blame. Who is to blame typically can be determined by the relationship statuses of the people involved. If a woman is married it is her job not to open her gate when men come knocking, but it is also the job of married men not to knock on gates in the first place. If a woman is not married and she opens her gate for a married man that is his fault for knocking, but if she is married and opens her gate for a single man that is her fault for opening the gate. If both are married, as is the case here, both parties are in the wrong.

"I can feel it -- all of it - and I love it!" - Krystal Perez

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