Brian Chaney cap. Of Middletown new informant crew

Brian Chaney cap. Of Middletown new informant crew
Blast Zone No. 5427 - 1 Comment
Set Up On:
Category: Snitches - Informants
Current Other Address:
1323 woodlawn avenue

He has been working as a informant in Athens ohio, and now has gotten transferred to middletown ohio. He drives a 98' jeep Cherokee that's red. He also works with david allan fondren been an informant for middletown for 7 years help set jason cundiff up plus danielle carr, amy shane mathews she been working for middletown for 4 years she has gotten 4 doors knocked, Bobby Mathews snitch on his plug in Drexel dude has gotten raded an now is sentenced for 8 years. Angila Weybright has been a informant for 3 years when her apartment in freedom court got knocked they found 3 pounds of cocaine. Cant forget heather combs whom acts like brian Chaney's sister she drives a white Chrysler 300 black tinted windows she pretends to be a dope fiend to take pictures an record conversations

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