Emily Hatcher of Mountain Peak Farm: Ratted on New 2 You

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Washington Coronavirus Snitches:

Emily Hatcher reported New 2 You to the state of Washington's social distancing snitching website even though New 2 You is located in Priest River, Idaho. She gave the phone number 5095891002 and the email address emily[at]mountainpeak.farm. Mountain Peak Farm is a wedding venue in Enumclaw, Washington. No doubt Mountain Peak Farm has been hit hard in recent months, but why one of their employees would snitch on an Idaho business to the state of Washington is unclear. New 2 You is certainly not a competitor of Mountain Peak Farm since New 2 You is a second hand store and not a wedding venue. Maybe she had personal reasons.

Emily Hatcher's complaint was as follows:

"They posted on their facebook page that they are opening outdoors this weekend from 10-5 (https://www.facebook.com/New2youBC/)

We're so sad about being closed but it's given us an opportunity to do some freshening up. We're having parking lot sales this weekend and next to try and help up declutter some inventory. Come by and find deals or let us know what you need and we can go in the store to 'shop for you'"

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