Anonymous Moron Told on Professional Medical Services in Mass to Wash

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Washington Coronavirus Snitches:

An anonymous moron in Massachusetts reported that a business called Professional Medical Services was somehow non-essential and violating the state of Washington's social distancing guidelines. First, Professional Medical Services is most likely an essential business because professional medical services are essential businesses and are especially so during pandemics. Such businesses cannot operate without their support staff, so internal staff like schedulers, billing managers, and directors of operations are essential to the ability of the PCA's, HHA's, and CNA's to continue operating as employees of that company. This rat might have point however, that is that they can work from home and they should, but a snitch is a snitch.

The complaint from someone that gave no name, phone number, or email read as follows:

"Internal Staff, Scheduler, Billing Manager, Director of Operations are not essential and can work from home. The external staff PCA's, HHA's, CNA"S are essential but they are out in the field."

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