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Jeff Rosen is the top law enforcement officer in Santa Clara County. He has been elected to represent the People of California. Instead he is representing the interests of a Family Law Attorney and judge.

I have been begging for the district attorney of our county to stop the malicious prosecution and protect my children. He is accusing me of violating a restraining order by texting a third party. He failed to include in his complaint texts that instruct the recipient to not forward any of the messages to anyone else.

Mr. Rosen knew before he filed the charges that my kids were being sexually abused. I told him about it in 2017, thinking that he would do something to protect them.

Deputy District Attorney Daniel Chung was at one point on my case. I gave him all the information about the assaults and what was happening to my kids. Because he seemed like an honorable man, I asked him for help.

A few weeks later, it was announced that he had been fired and escorted out of the DA's Office by three armed investigators. A BOLO was issued and he was banned from setting foot on county property.


Mr. Chung ended up running for District Attorney this year. During one of the debates, I asked the candidates how they would address sex trafficking that results from abuse of the legal system.

I believe that he answered the question truthfully in an indirect fashion. He mentioned conflicts of interest and judges acting egregiously.

Then it was the DA's turn. The first thing that he said was that Mr. Chung was "demonstrating why he was fired." You can see the question and answer in this short clip.

sex trafficking debate question


Ms. Houghton demanded that I retain an attorney for the criminal proceedings against me so that she could instruct the attorney to raise a doubt to stand trial. I didn't want to lose my standing to protect my children. When I refused, she poisoned and terrorized me. Now all my organs are damaged, testicles atrophied and the shape of my face has changed. I have also lost sensation across my entire body. You can see how I have been disfigured here: https://archive.ph/RtpYi

I begged District Attorney Jeffrey Rosen to enroll me into Cal-WRAP or drop the charges. I provided that names of two ER doctors that could confirm the assaults, Ms. Houghton's social media posts, police reports, and other information. Mr. Rosen already knew about the sexual abuse of my kids, but he just ignored me.

In order to end the proceedings against me, I set the matter for trial. Deputy District Attorney Joseph Eisenberg then tried to plea bargain with me. One of the stipulations was that competency proceedings be initiated. After I refused his offer, DDA Eisenberg raised a doubt, himself. Judge Barnum denied said request.

I begged Mr. Eisenberg to consider my children. He showed no emotion and ignored my pleas.

Right before the subsequent disposition hearing, DDA Eisenberg attempted to plea bargain with me again. Then he raised raised yet another doubt. Judge Geffon denied his request.

That didn't stop DDA Eisenberg from raising a doubt at a third consecutive hearing that followed more plea bargaining. This time judge Pennypacker granted the request and transferred the matter to competency proceedings.

Plea bargaining is purely discretionary. Why would Mr. Eisenberg plea bargain with me if he was so concerned with my rights being violated at trial? Why did he ignore two previous rulings?

I promptly filed a motion to transfer the matter back to the trial court. I cited the previous rulings that denied the doubt. At the next hearing, the judge continued my motion and appointed me counsel against my objection.

At the subsequent hearing the newly appointed attorney refused to argue my motion. She also asked the court to appoint a psychologist to evaluate my competency to stand trial.

I then filed a writ of mandate with the the 6th District Court of appeals. I included the information about the sexual abuse of my children, as well as Ms. Houghton's threats to tamper with any evaluation. The motion was denied. You can read the motion here: https://archive.ph/ZPgjR

Shortly after the denial, the motion was purged from the court record: https://archive.ph/1AY82

There is more info here: https://forum.legaljunkies.com/forum/family-law-divorce-custody/child-custody-and-support/653143-valerie-houghton-sex-trafficked-all-of-my-kids-then-had-me-poisoned-when-i-complained

Jeff Rosen doesn't care about anyone. He only knows how to feign empathy when he speaks to the news media.

Mr. Rosen will let people assault you and help his friends sex traffic your children. Even a two year old getting molested doesn't bother this guy.

Instead he will do ANYTHING to protect his criminal friends. I thought for sure that he would do something when I told him that my kids were being sexually abused. All he did was FILE CHARGES AGAINST ME. I didn't even commit a crime. The whole goal was to quickly move the proceedings to competency hearings.

Then when I told him that I was being assaulted because I refused to ruin my standing to protect my kids by undergoing an "evaluation," Mr. Rosen just ignored my pleas. He let the sex trafficker completely destroy my health.

You can read more about what Mr. Rosen did to me here:


This type of retaliation happened to other people. The same sex trafficker (Valerie Houghton) stole $10,000,000 from another person.



When the man tried to recoup his money, Mr. Rosen filed charges against him. It was alleged that he raped a woman with a golf club. He was jailed for 8 days and had to wear an ankle monitor for three years.

After spending more than 3 million dollars defending himself, the man was found factually innocent.



Now the man is suing Valerie Houghton.

Clyde Berg, et al. v. Metaview Wholesale Investments, LP | Legal News


Mr. Rosen also retaliated against another man who had discovered that his daughter was raped. When the man tried to report it, HE WAS ALSO POISONED AND PROSECUTED. Now all the pigmentation in his face has been destroyed and he became a diabetic.

Read more here: https://freearianna.org/story

I don't know how this is all being allowed to happen. Mr. Rosen is jeopardizing public safety in the most cruel and heinous manners.

not_Rosen Says:

Here is another case where Rosen didn't care about a well connected person killing someone: https://t.ly/v0etK This person was high on Xanax when she ran over a pedestrian. This killer only got 6 months of home confinement. She never had to spend even a minute in jail. This is how much Rosen cares about human life. Only money and connections matter to him.

The District Attorney of any county should always put safety first, especially when it comes to violent assaults and children being sexually abused. This just isn't happening in Santa Clara County. Many people are scared to speak out. They fear losing employment, being jailed or being physically assaulted. If you have been harmed, I encourage you to make a formal complaint. There is a list of people who are already aware of the issues. Here is a list: https://archive.ph/H0Ebk Please contact them if you want a change in how the DA's Office operates.

Rosen T Says:

Here is another case: https://www.janeandjohnqpublic.com/2021--2022-blog/minors-counsel-sell-video-of-children-during-pandemic

A mother begged Jeff Rosen to protect her three young girls. The guy who was molesting the girls was being paid by Valerie Houghton. https://archive.fo/KBZLq

Mr. Rosen is turning Santa Clara County into a safe haven for pedophiles with money to rape children.

The poor girls had to wait until they turned 18 to take any action. Read what they say happened to them: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20795180-2019-10-25-complaint

I filed a complaint with the Civil Grand Jury in Santa Clara County. Thought for sure that they would help me protect my kids. Here is the letter that I received today. https://archive.ph/9Bbq5

I filed a complaint with the Civil Grand Jury in Santa Clara County. Thought for sure that they would help me protect my kids. Here is the letter that I received today. https://archive.ph/9Bbq5

Please sign my petition for Mr. Rosen to protect my kids. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/272/404/301/district-attorney-jeffrey-rosen-please-stop-sex-trafficking-my-kids/

I begged and begged Mr. Rosen to stop the assaults levied against me by Valerie Houghton. While he coldly ignored my please, he was busy trying to get another innocent man poisoned. Now we have a child killer walking the streets because of Rosen's incompetence.


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