Delaney (Lakin) Child predator, Child neglect or, Nasty person

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Delaney also known as Lakin Bennett, be aware of this person she is a child predator and neglects children and her self. This person is 22 years old and talks to minors, dates them, a watches minors get undressed or walks in on them and wont get out of the room while they're naked. She fakes mental health disabilities, and uses her mental health as an excuse to not get a job or to shower regularly or to do any hygiene. She fakes being trans and makes fun of the trans community. Delaney does not listen to any adults and thinks that they can live on their own and live off the state. Delaney is a rapist, has raped multiple people in her lifetime, she is also known as a cheater and a pathological liar. They will steal things from you and make you think they lost it. She will touch you without your consent, she acts like a 5 year old to get out of doing things. Keep your children, wifes And husbands away from this person! She is also known as a cop caller and lies to the cops to try to get you arrested. Blows people up and harasses people until he gets what he wants, also throws tantrums to get what he wants.

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