FBI informants in tigard and pdxUSA

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People in pdx and around the world are so quick to point fingers and call people snitches when they are paid informants, liars, scam artists, domestic terrorists and faulty dealers. its crazy what a rumor can turn into. taylor nicole anderson and her family have been framing me, getting paid to mess with me and turning EVERYONE against me. i came to find out these "hardened criminals" are paid informants for the state and the FBI. Taylor anderson and her family will not leave me alone and they installed cameras in my bathroom, they moved upstairs in the apartment above mine and has peepholes throughout my entire apartment. this is a sick psychopath who is mad at me for missing her birthday party. simply put, i missed her party and she decided to frame me, turn everyone against me and discredit me because "no one misses her bday". shes a piece of work and she harbours sex offenders and even set me up to get raped and robbed. Theres a special place in hell for informants who hunt and target people only to get a Jr. Deputy badge

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