multonamah county sheriffs (troutdale) illegal search and seizure

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wood village oregon

On september 8 2023 , i was returning from making a last payment on a truck i recently purchased and picked the truck up . i was driving north on 223 rd in the city of wood village and as i'm about to turn east i passed 4 sherries vechiles going south and as they passed me the lead vechile driven by sheriff corrine wilson busted her neck to check me out and quickly made an illegal turn that caused cars to stop quickly and honk at her as i got on to wood village drive and approached a stop sign she caught up with me and i was aware of her presence and the fact the sheriff is known for illegal stops and searches of vechiles illegally so i observed all traffic laws and came to a complete stop and than proceeded to make a right hand turn . upon making my stop deputy wilson turned on her lights to stop me . As she approached the drivers side she stated "what's up with the truck " i told her i had just made my last payment and picked up the truck and bringing it home . i than asked why i was being being stopped and she stated that she don't need a reason but since my truck had arizona plates it gives her probable cause to stop me, she thsn asked my passanger to identify herself and she stated that she had done nothing wrong and would not submit to the request and upon hearing this deputy wilson be some visibly upset and scowling she stated that it was her right but what is she hiding and asked if she had warrants and i than told the deputy that if she is pulling me over focus on that and respect our rights . i than handed her my bill of sale , title and proof of insurance and told her that license was being reinstated by the bill the bill just passed by governor and i just had to pay the reinstatement fee . she than took all the paper work and walked back to do what i assume is checking my paperwork . while walking toward bank of car another sheriffs vechile was passing and she signaled him and after he turned around he came immedialty to my truck and tried to engage with me and again i asked the reason i was being pulled over and he stated he didn't know it's not his stop and i than stated why would you approach me not knowing anything about this stop to which he stated to my passanger that she needed to identify herself , my passanger than asked if she was being detained and the officer said she can't leave while they investigate , my passanger and i both had seat belts on. he than asked her name again for which she said jennnifer and he said full name which she stated why are you harassing us and the male sheriff said you wither identify yourself or we are impounding this truck . at this point i told the officer that we are both being detained illegally and that i need mane and badge number since his name tag was cornered he refused by walking away toward the female identified earlier as corrine wilson. approx. five minutes later he approached me again and said i need to exit vechile for a search for weapons . i have never been arrested for violancw or weapons and not on probation or parole and stated that i am not giving permission for them to search me or the truck for any reason . he than stated the truck is being impounded and to get out (please note i was never searched and was not allowed to grab my wallet , life saving medication because i'm very sick )deputy wilson than handed me impound paper work and i asked what was i pulled over for and she stated i rolled through the stop sign and i stated if that were true why am i not being ticketed for that ? the male deputy ( being captain save a hoe) stated oh she is being cool to you not writing a ticket . i am frustrated at this point these offibers knowing i know the law abd they broke it . fabricated evidence by stating a lie and i told deputy wislon she was a liar and knows she is a liar and why not just be honest for which she started stuttering and saying that she don't lie for which i said she is not just a liar but a fucking liar for which captain save a hoe jumped in between us even though i made no aggressive move . both these officers where informed by me and my passanger that i had a fatal respitory and heart disease for which i use oxygen and take medication . they told me and passanger that i could not take anything from truck and that they are searching for weapons and inventorying contents and could be picked up at impound yard . i called the supervisor and filed a complaint and was told by commander they don't need a reason to stop me . would not take a complaint against officer and they don't wear body can or have dash cam in vechiles . to top this off there is a tow yard with their contracted company about 2 miles from the impound site but took my car over 20 miles away that is tough to get to with public transport . because i was not allowed medicine or my oxygen leg to walk about 3 miles in the rain causing me to become extremly i'll. after being bed ridden for 5 days i made it to impound lot and was told the only thing i can grab is medication and wallet for which i became enraged and demanded that i get all property from truck and they stated they have an agreement with the sheriff that all property in truck goes to the tow company and refused me access to my property including family heirlooms tools and personal effects . while retrieving my medicine oxygen and wallet i noticed that their is no inventory sheet and truck is thrashed and letters of reinstatement are missing . i was told that the truck was impounded for no valid license . As i investigated this stop and the troutdale station i found that fir many years officers including deputy wilson have been accused over and over for fake stops just to impound vechiles and to do illegal searches and for fighting to not have body cans and dash cams so they can continue to violate civil rights and to use predatory traffic stops to find evidence of further crimes whether there or not to make cases against people in vechiles abd thus officer used the lie to gain access to my vechile inlt steal from me and almost killed me by refusing meds and oxygen because i knew my rights which she called not cooperating she lied made up stuff and searched and stole personal items after dumping my luggage out in pulls all over the seat and not actually searching but leaving it in place where tow yard could have easy access to steal it further the crime she entered into an agreement with tow company to keep my personal property and tow it the farthest place possible when a local option was availabe . both these offibers should be fired and defintly sued so i also need information on how to sue them . thank you for letting me share my story if corduption by county deputy's

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