SC Jail Guard Taylor Smoaks Arrested for Giving Inmates Crack Cocaine

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Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center Officer Taylor Smoaks was arrested recently for bringing in contraband for inmates which included crack cocaine, marijuana, phone charges, and tobacco. The drugs weighed in at 87 grams of marijuana and 57 grams of crack. She is currently charged with misconduct in office, furnishing contraband, drug possession, and drug trafficking.

Smoaks is fortunate that her case appears to be staying in state court for now because if she were a federal defendant she'd likely face decades behind bars for the crack alone. Often people with just a few grams of crack get more time for possession than violent offenders receive for seriously injuring people. Child molesters are also treated more favorable in general by the courts with the exception of the most prolific offenders.

This author is a former federal convict whose been candid about his own prison drug use in the past. This author enjoyed smoking marijuana, spice, and tobacco in the federal system but didn't do stimulants. He does not recall ever hearing about people having crack where he was housed simply because of how hard it is to bring in compared to meth which can be sprayed on stationary and mailed in disguised as a letter. If someone is going to risk using balloons passed via visiting they usually are full of heroin or meth but not crack because crack is whack.

According to public records, Taylor Smoaks a.k.a. Taylor Delane Copeland is a 27 year old resident of West Columbia, South Carolina.

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