Justice Denied: Mesa SWAT Sniper Shawn Freeman shoots unarmed man

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The Mesa Police Department is currently facing a lawsuit due to the mass firing that led to the death of an unarmed man. Officer Shawn Freeman fired the first shot at the victim's face, despite the ongoing negotiations, which resulted in other Mesa Police Officers also opening fire.

Mesa Police reported that Officer Freeman fired at least one shot, but the City's claim that the suspect also fired lacks supporting physical evidence or footage. The City of Mesa Police stated that there was gunfire exchanged between officers on scene and the suspect inside, but this description is inaccurate.

Mr. Gagne was shot by Freeman and was unarmed with his hands up when he was mowed down by relentless gunfire from at least two different directions. Despite the Mesa Police press conference's claim that aid was rendered, gas was shot into the doorway and Mr. Gagne was repeatedly tased before being dragged out and handcuffed while motionless and without a pulse. Mesa SWAT then handcuffed Mr. Gagne despite the fact he was already dead, and only then was aid rendered without success.

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