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Welcome to the Cop Blaster Police Tracking and Complaint System brought to you by a victim of police abuse for victims of police abuse and everyone else with an opinion on the matter. Cop Blaster utilizes the latest technology to empower you with the ability to keep tabs on those that keep tabs on you using software similar to that which they use. It is the ultimate government accountability information system built to acknowledge the fact that the people have a right to know what their government is doing and where they are doing it at all times.

As of now you can sign up for a free membership and start putting police officers, prosecutors, judges, and snitches on blast safely and anonymously if you choose or boost your credibility by saying who you are and why you are using Cop Blaster. It is up to you because when you use Cop Blaster you are putting them on trial in your court and because it is your court it plays by your rules. Literally, Cop Blaster cannot legally remove any content from this website or any other because the person that built it is currently banned by a federal judge from running any website that involve content removal. Why would any judge in his right mind do that? To protect anyone seeking to have content removed from receiving addition threats from the owner.

That is not to say that Cop Blaster will never be able to remove content, but for now Cop Blaster is entirely censorship free. Should the judge life his order or should the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals throw out the conviction, then Cop Blaster will remove content if and only if it violates the Cop Blaster Terms of Use.

The Coat of Arms logo will not be seen much, probably only on spam blogs and social media, but it still here as the first thing I came up with. It uses a combination of symbols from Aurora 3d Logo Maker with a megaphone in the center of a shield and Alex Murphy Font inspired by the movie Robocop.

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