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8/28/2020 - Rittenhouse will likely get some sort of criminal conviction but it should be for firearm possession or illegal transportation of a firearm across state lines or whatever, but he should not be convicted of murder or even a homicide. Self defense is a completely legitimate legal defense here.
8/28/2020 - Ater review given here, it is now clear that:
1. Rittenhouse was trying to evade Rosenbaum.
2. Rosenbaum appeared to be anxious for physical conflict and selected Rittenhouse as his target.
3. Rosenbaum was pursuing and throwing objects at Rittenhouse who DID NOT fire until he was physically contacted by Rosenbaum (not to make nice with him obviously).

1.) Terrible situation but no doubt self defense.
2.) Rosenbaum was a fool.
3.) AR-15 is better close quarters weapon than I would have thought.
4.) Rittenhouse was not a homicidal maniac and only shot those who were a direct threat to him.
5.) People better wake up to the fact that protesting is OK but anarchy and rioting will lead to death and mayhem.

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