Officer Richard Gorleski's One Man Cavalry Charge with Pepper Spray

Officer Richard Gorleski on Horseback
Officer Richard Gorleski on Horseback
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As this video shows I first wrote about Albany Police Officer Richard Gorleski many years ago when he had the audacity to charge a man he assaulted with harassment for posting wanted posters on Facebook. Gorleski was at an Occupy Albany protest in 2011 and charged at the crowd with a horse and pepper sprayed him in the face for no reason. Maybe he had a bugle. It is not a crime to seek a cop's address or publish it online, so, after doing a public records search, the above address was found for one Richard C. Gorleski in the Albany area. Hopefully "a peaceful drum circle will show up at his doorstep" as his victim, Bradley Russell said back then, but make sure to verify the address first.

As you can tell by the video below I started promoting services that let people report police abuse online years ago. I think that had something to do with why I was prosecuted the way that I was, so, for that, I will focus exclusively on exposing cops online for awhile.

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