Officer Bryan Inman Sued for Racially Biased Arrest

Blast Zone No. 99
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Category: Police - City
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Eugene, Oregon
Officer Bryan Inman Sued for Racially Biased Arrest
Bryan Inman Does Not Look Racist

While researching Officer Bryan Inman for a blast I was working on from my history I discovered that he has recently been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a black man that accuses Inman as well as Yolanda Conner, Kyle Evans, and Robert Rosales of arresting him because he is black. Funny thing is Inman doesn't look racist in this picture he posted on Facebook in which he is clearly socializing with two black people. So, is he racist? I really do not know, but hopefully for his sake and others this picture was not staged and he is in fact capable of interacting with blacks in a positive manner.

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