"Only Adequate Healthcare" from Dr. A. Cantu

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"Only Adequate Healthcare" from Dr. A. Cantu
Part 1 or ?.
"Only Adequate Healthcare" is the motto of Dr. A. Cantu, DO at the Federal Detention Center in Oregon. The following is based on true interviews with his patients as well as my own personal experience.

Shortly after my arrival I witnessed a man collapse in front of the commissary. He was left on his back and not rolled over onto his side despite being an epileptic. When he got back to the unit, he told people that he had not been given his anti-seizure medication since arriving at FDC from the county jail.

My celly has COPD from years of smoking. He needs a steroid inhaler and a breathing machine, but Cantu told him he doesn't have COPD. He has it, his doctor in the real world said so. He sounds like he is choking to death when he is sleeping.

Josh Vincens has adema, which causes him to retain water. It has not been treated at FDC and he now weighs over 400 lbs. He also has bipolar I, with psychotic features, but Cantu would not give him his Risperdal when he complained of hearing voices that told him to kill himself and others. (So Josh is not the only one lucky to be alive.) Cantu told him, "If you're not listening to the voices they are not an immediate problem that adequate health care can fix". Josh reported that Cantu's favorite line is "only adequate healthcare" as in you only have the right to adequate healthcare. Eventually, he was able to get his meds at a county jail and luckily Cantu continued them when Josh came back to FDC. I guess someone in county figured out that Josh would not have known what the voices said if he were not listening to them. Cantu is not a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other sort of mental health professional. Maybe if he had listened to his patients he would learn that voices "are problematic, distressful, and disturbing whether or not someone is acting on them".

To be continued . . . Part 2

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