Sophie Frazier Falsely Accuses Inmates of Throwing Urine

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CCSO Deputy Sophie Frazier
CCSO Deputy Sophie Frazier

Columbia County Deputy Sophie Frazier is no stranger to having her conduct exposed on this website. That may have been one reason why she falsely accused me of throwing urine at her last year to justify putting me on Nutraloaf. The incident took place in the disciplinary unit of the Columbia County Jail. I had been called up to medical for a some kind of exam and while I was gone Frazier tossed my cell. I had previously been put on styrofoam trays for jacking the food slot to protest conditions there. In response I started stacking the trays as high as I could until one day I was out of my cell and a guard went in and took them all. I then started filling the trays with water before stacking them.

When I came back from medical there was a big puddle of water on the floor and over the sink as if someone got soaked before dumping water down the sink. Other inmates gave me a description of the suspect and we eventually identified the assailant as Frazier. That night the deputies handing out dinner tried to feed me Nutraloaf and I threw it right back at them because I did not deserve to be put on Nutraloaf. I pointed out that the jail rules specifically reserve Nutraloaf as a punishment for inmates that have thrown bodily fluids or feces and that filling trays with water does not meet that requirement. Plus, I did not and never did receive an incident report that would have justified it. This led to a hunger strike that only lasted a couple days before the U.S. Marshals took me back to Sheridan.

A little over a month later I had a court hearing in which a surprise witness testified for the government. His name was Marc Nordquist. Nordquist said that worked in some kind of security department in charge of investigating threats to the safety of court personnel. The job title he gave was "Security Coordinator" for the "Protective Intelligence Inspector." He said that I had become an almost daily fixture in his life at one point. During his testimony he revealed that I was transferred because Columbia County called the U.S. Marshals and told them that I was no longer welcome in their facility. The reasons given included an incident the previous weekend when my cell was stormed with an electric riot shield and I was punched several times by a deputy. He also added an allegation of throwing urine at a deputy. That could only have come from Frazier. So, according to her I threw urine at her when I was not even in the unit. Even if urine had been in the trays, which there was not because I do not play with my piss, that still would not have constituted throwing it at a deputy.

I never received any paperwork about this. It sounds like when the deputies decided to ask the Marshals to get rid of me that they decided not to give me any more paperwork because I would be gone in a few days anyway. I have never heard of anyone being banned from Columbia County before. When I had to go to court after that I was housed in Multnomah County even though several staff members were on the government's witness list. When I protested on due process grounds the Marshal transporting me said that Columbia County was the only other jail with a contract with the Marshals near the downtown Portland courthouse and that I was not allowed there anymore. The staff in Multnomah County had never heard of anyone being banned from a jail before.

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