Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Request to Staff Form a.k.a. Copout

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Category: Other - Resources
Current Prison Location:
27072 Ballston Road
Sheridan, Oregon 97378
BOP Inmate Request to Staff Form:
BOP "Copout" Inmate Request Form
BOP "Copout" Inmate Request Form

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Inmate Request to Staff Form also known as a "Copout" Form is the BOP's official form for inmates to send requests to the staff at any federal correctional facility. It is not surprisingly in short supply at times and inmates are forced to wait or hope that staff will accept requests written on other types of paper. If you know anyone that is in a BOP facility it is recommended that you print off a few copies and send them via the mail. That way your friend or loved one will have a form available the next time they need to send a request to the staff.

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