Download the Waze App Cop Tracker to Avoid Police Checkpoints

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One of the best ways to avoid police on the road is to download the Waze App Cop Tracker from Google. This great piece of software will map the locations of known speed traps and DUI checkpoints near you. Drink as much as you want and drive as fast as you can while keeping an eye on your IPhone or Android to see where the cops are.

This thing is so good that the cops have been trying to get Google to remove the cop tracking feature for almost five years. Google has responded correctly that this app makes the road safer. That makes sense because one of the biggest dangers to public safety on the highway are the police. They are more likely to put you in jail that anyone else is to hit you.

Waze is a crowdsourced GPS navigation program the allows users to submit tips, so when you download the Waze App make sure to report any cops you see.

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