Cop Blaster Mascot: CopBlasterTron Left on the Cutting Room Floor

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CopBlasterTron Mascot Sketch
CopBlasterTron Mascot Sketch

In 2017 the founder of commissioned the work of an inmate at the Federal Detention Center in Sheridan, Oregon (FDC Sheridan) to draw a robot mascot for the website that would be named CopBlasterTron. As one can see by the sketch, that inmate is quite good at drawing, so that was not the issue. This sketch is not even finished because the founder of Cop Blaster was sent to the hole before it was done, so he was lucky that the guy was able to get it into his stuff before it was taken out of the unit. The issue is that it is not quite what the Cop Blaster had in mind for CopBlasterTron.

The idea was for a robot kind of like the the one from the TV show The Orville but with a Han Solo type blaster. The end result looks more like a masked bandit with a gun being pointed directly at you. was hoping that the blaster would have looked like a more obvious sci-fi type laser gun. To anyone that is thinking of the similarities between the Orville robot and Han Solo's blaster when they see CopBlasterTron they probably would see the similarities between CopBlasterTron and The Orville robot, and the CopBlasterTron blaster and Han Solo's blaster, but most people probably would not notice.

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