Marc Nordquist: Protective Intelligence Inspector Security Coordinator

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When Marc Nordquist took the stand and stated that he was the security coordinator for the Protective Intelligence Inspector at the U.S. Marshals I finally found out who that guy with the mohawk that had been showing up at my court appearances was. But I still was not exactly sure who he worked for. He said he was a Deputy United States Marshal but I had never heard of the Protective Intelligence Inspector before. Apparently his job was to spy on me after I had sent a letter to Judge Hernandez asking him to recuse himself. There is little to no information about this specific office. I finally found a small snippet on the U.S. Marshals website under "Office of Protective Intelligence" that says:

"The Office of Protective Operations (OPO) is the United States Marshals Services preeminent expert on physical protection. OPO provides subject matter expertise, guidance, and direct action support to district offices on high-threat/-profile proceedings and risk-/threat-based protective operations. The footprint is national, covering all twelve federal judicial circuits across the country. OPO is also currently responsible for two permanent risk-based protection details for the Deputy United States Attorney General and the United States Secretary of Education. These permanent details allow the protected to perform their duties and carry out their responsibilities without trepidation."

After reading that I am even more surprised that Nordquist testified about a bogus letter I had sent to my own post office box addressed to the name of a fictional character that I played on television and online many years ago to promote a website. This was a joke letter that I sent to screw with Special Investigative Services (SIS) officers at FCI Sheridan that I knew to be reading my mail. Nordquist seemed to have just taken the letter and presented it in court as is without doing anything to look into whose post office box it was sent to or who it was addressed to. That was not much of a surprise at the time because AUSA Greg Nyhus would often take anything he was given and present it as fact without verification but it is a surprise now that I have read the OPO description. You would think that part of working for an intelligence service would be to figure out who the person you are gathering intelligence about is corresponding with. One would expect him to know that I was owner of the P.O. Box and that George O'Brien was a name I used to promote myself years ago. Yet there he was testifying as if O'Brien were a real person. Some intelligence that is.

If you want to learn more about the tone of the O'Brien letters see the copy of the follow up that I am uploading with this report. I was obviously having some fun with his cluelessness. Saying things to nobody about there being more heat on us than expected, referring to the government as the Occupational Government, and asking him to gather information about people in the case. You would think that someone in Nordquist's position would want to find out who this O'Brien guy really was and in the process find out that he does not exist.

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