Erica Knapp Snitched on The Ceramic Place in Everett

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Erica Knapp
Erica Knapp

"Non-essential Business conducting deliveries against governor's orders." - Erica Knapp

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Erica Knapp in Everett, Washington on Tuesday March 31, 2020 with No Agency against The Ceramic Place saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was ericalknapp[at] and phone number given was 4258706958.

UPDATE: Erica Knapp at ericaknapp_art on Twitter was spotted complaining about this to a local news station that called us trolls just of exposing this kind of stuff. not surprising since the mainstream press relies on the police for most of their tips, pigs rely on rats for information, and what is bad for rats is bad for cops is bad for reporters.

Erica's comments at included two Tweets that read as follows:

"I will say my name is on the list. I reported more as an inquiry and there was no warning that my info would be public. Now there is...but the trolls found me and they were harassing me so much that I shut down my social medias for two days."

"It was awful and scary and unfair."

Cop Blaster responded by asking her how snitching 4 times on 4 different businesses can be done "more as an inquiry." What is really "awful and scary and unfair" is that there are people like Erica Knapp of Erica Knapp Art + Design ( running their metal mouths in Arlington, Washington with impunity during a crisis.

This target of hers appears to be a competing business, which seems common among this batch of rats.

Updated after she was caught running her mouth again, this time on social media.

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