Federal Inmates Inappropriately Housed in the Custody of Witnesses

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Normally a defendant is directed not to have any contact with alleged victims or witnesses that may be called to testify at his trial, but what do you tell a defendant whose alleged victims are corrections deputies charged with his custody? How can he avoid contact with them? It is not possible unless the defendant is moved to a different facility. That happened to me in 2017 and even my lawyers told me that I could not go back to the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC), but there I was a year later where at least two of the alleged victims worked in my housing unit. Timothy Barker was running the unit a couple days a weeks and he was the one whose charge I eventually pled guilty to. That was inappropriate.

What if they had decided to help their case by screwing with me and making themselves look like victims again? It would have been just my word against theirs again since the cameras still did not record. Even if we had no issues, just seeing me there would have altered their testimony if asked "when did you last see the defendant?" Due process requires better.

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