Partial Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) Staff Roster

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Category: Corrections - Jail Staff
Current Jail Address:
1120 SW Third Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97204
Multnomah County Jail TeleStaff Roster:
Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputies
Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputies

This is just a partial Multnomah County Sheriff's Office staff roster containing over 160 full first and last names of MCSO deputies and other individuals that have worked for MCSO in recent years. Most of them are taken directly from the uploaded TeleStaff roster from swing shift at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) on June 28, 2017. The rest are from various documents I have. They are mostly MCDC correctional officers, but also include medical staff and administrators. The names so far are as follows:

aimee conner

alija sacirovic

albert luong

amanda sjulle

ana colon

andrew bandstra

andrew grundmann

andrew labuhn

angela lee

angelina platas

annie hood

anthony smith

antonio lopezpalacios

ashley russell

bobbi luna

bobby caston

brad mullens

brandon fray

brandon pedro

brett russell

brian beardsley

brian epifano

bruce bledsoe

carol scalpone

chad sweider

charles norton

chip panaitescu

chris hon

christina barnes

christopher baker

christopher cole

crystal gainer

curt bull

daniel ehrich

daniel szarowski

daryl hochderffer

david kovachevich

david shaut

denise diamond

douglas bloomster

douglas davidson

dwayne hood

edward scheitlin

elias fernley

elizabeth kienie

eric skipper

erika barker

erika murray

evan brosseau

fabiano johaun

gary glaze

gerald bales

gretchen rosa

gustavo valdorinos

halcyon dodd

harrison ross

heather reisner

ian love-jones

jacob zachariasen

janet bowdle

james calcagno

james harrington

james howard

james kame

james powers

jason lowe

jeff magnuson

jeffrey mcduffee

jennifer paul

john hall

john plock

john pomazi

jon burnett

jonelle olszewski

jordan bailiff

jordan bryant

joy czmowski

juan perada

juan roldan

kailey grundmann

karen brooks

kari kolberg

keiko eguchi

keith bybee

kelci woodbury

kelly wallace

kenneth shipley

kevin barlow

kevin fuller

kevin odil

kraig anspach

krista bartell

kristen moore

kristina ristvedt

kristyn smith

kurtiss morrison

kyle tyson

latu moala

laura ballard

lauren baker

lequatoa padmore

lia kanable

lori woods

lorri woods

lucas mondragon

luis fornos

lynette gilliam

lynn foss

marcine stevens

marco reyes

marisa bell

mark frazier

martin jackson

matthew dilger

matthew ingram

matthew kemp

matthew lundquist

matthew mitchell

matthew roberts

matthew tiffany

melissa fedorko

michael reese

michael seale

miriam holland

molly mcdade-hood

nathan bechtold

nicholas carter

nicholas evangeline

nichole bryant

nick hellman

nick jarmer

norma gaines

paul simpson

phillip hubert

phillip nguyen

rachel shneider

raymond sullivan

richard connelly

richard day

robert robinson

rodnay schafer

roger wallace

ross krafve

sarah benson

sarah mccallum

sean neely

shannon spahan

sharon huffstutter

shawn skeels

sidney watson

stephen pina

steve billesbach

steven hartshorn

steven nicholson

stfan streight

timothy barker

timothy moore

timothy strohmeyer

todd shanks

tom schroeder

travis edner

tressa kovachevich

uwe pemberton

wendy muth

wynton cox

yvonne arroyo

These people really do not like it when people know their full names. They typically walk around in uniforms that display just their last name and on most documents only their first initial, last name, and dpsst number are listed. There are at times opportunities to get their full names, but those usually require legal proceedings. For instance if an inmate were to get his arm broken, falsely accused of injuring deputies, and prosecuted in federal court. In such a case, the defendant would have a legal right to know not just which deputies were accusing him, but also to know which deputies were working during that shift at that facility at that time. The inmate would also have a right to his medical records and notes written about him by deputies the entire time he was in custody.

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