Sandra Carpenter Hides Her Femininity Well at USP Victorville

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USP Victorville secretary Sandra Carpenter was featured in the New York Times as being "among the women who work in federal prisons that try to conceal every trace of their femininity." As a former inmate at that prison I can say that she does a really good job. I mean that with every bone in my pants. Really, I am proud to say that I was absolutely 100% not attracted to her at all 100% of the time that I was there.

Funny thing is, she sued the BOP for all the drama surrounding the gunner situation at Victorville and settled for some unknown amount. Gunners are inmates that jack off at their cell windows while female staff members are in view. A bunch of weirdos. As a white guy I can say with pride that my car did not tolerate that. If a white guy does that he gets beat up and can't walk the yard anymore. Gunners are usually black. I could see one of those guys now saying, "girl, I made you a star, I got you dat paper, you wouldn't be where you at now if it weren't for me."

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